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Data improvements

Loads of improvements became possible since the introduction of accurate FGM and CGM sensors. The introduction of Nightscout gave a big push in using historic data to benefit in the (near) future. Applications like xDrip+ make sure our personal data is uploaded to Nightscout. Because of Nightscout we can share data with our medical team and even can make hourly adjustments. With AutotuneWeb we use old Nightscout datapoints to tweak basic settings to live healthier in the future. And of course, we can share all our perfect days with family, friends, and Facebook. A remarkable progress.

The downside

But hey, the downside of all data always available? To have all data being always available. A constant notification on your phone. A noisy low alarm scaring you. And all people around you. Stress levels rise when entering a hypo or a hyper. In other words: an always-on reminder you have a chronical illness. For diabetics, a number of values are of general importance (HbA1c, number of hypos, time in range, ....). With closed loop systems life is physically healthier but mentally way busier.

Our mental well-being

HbA1c, time in range and the number of hypos / hypers are physical values. With the premise that our community will embrace data driven decisions and (do-it-yourself and commercial) closed loop systems in the coming years, something more important arises: mental well-being. We need to add a simple measurement which reflects our mental well-being. And is usable across all closed loop systems.

A short while ago I wrote a blog post with a suggestions: average daily manual interactions (ADMI). The lower your ADMI, the less you have to think of your diabetes. Exactly what every diabetic wants, right? And partner by the way, I wish my girlfriend so much to be released from all misery. When we compete with each other on combination of values HbA1c, TIR and ADMI something beautiful will happen with our physical and mental health.

Let's start using our data in the best way possible!

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