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Testing tips

Closed loop (do-it-yourself) systems are a true blessing. A big thanks to everyone involved! To make the most of our (do-it-yourself) closed loop systems we all need to have the best possible basic settings (basal rate, I/C, ISF and DIA). Because when using wrong basic settings, it can be very annoying or even dangerous. For most of us this means physical testing and tweaking all basic setting regularly. On this page I hope to somewhat relieve the testing hell for all of us!


The problem with closed loop system is you can (and need) to tweak settings in much more detail (and with much more data) than our (Dutch) hospital is used to. Especially when starting with a (do-it-yourself) closed loop system you need a physical test for basic settings. Currently we check basic settings a few times a year. We are lucky; our medical team is highly interested in this new type of treatment and helping us to improve. Bundled three of my personal favourite resources on this page to help you determine all basic settings:

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